Programmable Speed Controller ESC – difficult to understand

Programmable Speed Controller ESC’s – difficult to understand I had intended to bring you some information this time around about a company based near where I live in the far north-west corner of England, and indeed anyone who read lasts month’s column may well remember me saying as much, however our esteemed editor Ken asked… Read More »

Align T-rex 450SE V2 vs Gazaur’s Mars 480 Helicopter

Align T-rex 450SE V2 One of the pleasures of writing this column is get to play with many of the latest models on the market the subject of this review, the T-rex 450SE version 2 is one I’ve been looking forward to. It’s been a little while coming, but they have been selling like hot… Read More »

Align T-Rex 450XL Helicopter Review

Align T-Rex 450XL Helicopter Review We reviewed the T-Rex 450 in the Apr 2008 issue of Model Helicopter World when Richard Morris gave it a firm ‘thumbs up’ and yet here a few months later, we have the T-Rex 450XL that is bigger, stronger, upgraded and better! If you wanted proof that Align RC is… Read More »


NEW LEOPARD 3650 8T KV4420 BRUSHLESS MOTORS LEOPARD is pleased to announce the new 3650 brushless motor series. The 3650 motors are “drop-in” replacements to “hop-up” any Speed 3650 powered aircraft including the popular LEOPARD models like the EZ Glider Electric, Space Scooter (these RMAX 3650 will require part rushli two no. M332467 gear and… Read More »

Master Airscrew vs APC Propeller, which props is better

Master Airscrew vs APC Propeller If you are a RC plane lover, one of the most common question is, which propeller brand is the best? There are two popular brand in the market: Master Airscrew vs APC propeller , both have their good and bad. In this article, I would like to share with you about… Read More »


AXI POWER 5330/20 MOTOR FOR GIANT ELECTRICS AIRCRAFT Noted electric modeler Greg Covey has put together a magnificent 7000W power system upgrade for his Hangar 9 33% Edge 540. Yes, those are two AXI 5330/20 motors in a tandem configuration called the Double 5330 (distributed by RCECHO,, The Double 5330 is designed for aerobatic… Read More »


SKYRC 6S CHARGER BALANCES New SKYRC B6 6S Charger is part of a revolutionary new lower-cost Li-Poly battery and charge system for RC aircraft. With an automatic 1C charge rate of up to 4 amps, the charger brings your SKYRC compatible packs up to charge with unprecedented safety and accuracy. No knobs, buttons, or jumpers… Read More »