GT POWER Model RC 0.1 to 100A R/C Hobby Battery Voltage & Watt Meter BK325

GT POWER Model RC 0.1 to 100A R/C Hobby Battery Voltage & Watt Meter BK325
Code BK325
Packet Weight 195.00 grams
Price: $18.90
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Dimension: 105 x 53 x 20mm
Input Power: Max. 60.0V (both on watt-meter and battery checker)
Max. Current: 100A (watt-meter)
Min. Operating Voltage: 6.6V
Current Comsumption: 20mA at battery Checker Program
Net Weight: 120g

Special Features
Libra-Meter is a very sophisticated electronic device that controlled by high performance microprocessor and precise resistors. it has three functions of `watt-meter`, `battery checker` and ` self-balancer`. Those functions are essential for electric flyers to ensure safe battery condition and to measure the electric consumptions of the power system. And also, the built-in self-balancer can equalize the individual voltages instantly.
Libra-Meter can handle all types of Lithium batteries (LiPo, Lilo, LiFe) consisting of series-wired cells, but the battery pack has to have a balancing plug for checking voltage.

Watt-Meter Program
The Watt-Meter circuit can measure the electric current up to 100A. You can verify the electric consumptions on your power system.

Battery Checker
Libra-Meter can show you the voltage and residual capacity of your Lithium battery pack with its individual voltage of each cells.

Integrated Self-Balancer
Libra-Meter has an integrated self-balancing circuit which is self-operative without linking to charger. When you connect the battery pack to the individual port of the device the balancing job will be started instantly. In this case the individual cell voltage will be equalized to the lowest cell voltage of the battery pack.

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