About AXI
High performance AXI electric motors have been produced by MODELMOTORS Ltd. since 2001.

Our company has specialised in the development and production of electric motors for use in models of all types. The first AXI motor, the AXI 2820/10 was designed in 2001, and uses the concept of a brushless motor with an outer rotating case called an outrunner (derived from the German Ausenlaufer). Production of the AXI 2820/10 started in the Autumn or Fall of 2001 and the 2820/10 quickly became a world wide best seller that was synonymous with high performance. As a result of our experience with AXI outrunner motors our company has developed an extensive range of excellent AXI motors for use in model aeroplanes, helicopters, and boats.

AXI motors are produced to the very highest standards using the very latest materials as they become available and AXI motors are continually being improved as the result of our considerable experience with these motors. Among the main benefits of AXI outrunner motors is the very high efficiency through a wide range of loads resulting in longer flight times. AXI motors with a rotating case have high torque characteristics and the ability to turn large diameter and high pitch propellers with high efficiency on direct drive. AXI outrunners can operate at higher current levels and offer a very good weight/power ratio.

AXI motors with their high quality of manufacturing, reliability and high technical specification are the best available on the market.

Demand genuine original AXI motors!

A powerful and effective power system for your model requires the choice of suitable and matching components. A complete power system consists of following components: Propeller - is connected to the electric motor and is used to move air which in turn accelerates the model. AXI motors - turn large propellers which are more effective at moving air. Electronic Speed Controller - is fed with DC voltage from batteries and controls the RPM of AXI motors. BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) controllers can also power the radio receiver for controlling the model. Battery - source of electrical energy for driving the motor. The battery usually consists of Lithium Polymer or NiMh cells. Designing the optimum power system for a certain model demands some knowledge and experience. An educated guess of a suitable power system can be made following a simple rule. An argument for choosing an AXI motor is the power to weight ratio of the finished model.

Electric motors manufactured by Modelmotors are marked with name and numbers with slash. Name means type of motor (eg.: AXI - brushless 14-pole outrunner, MiniAC - brushless two-pole inrunner). First two numbers mean diameter of stator and next two numbers length of stator in mm. Simplified the bigger diameter and length the bigger power of motor. The number behind the slash is winding number. The lower winding number the higher RPM and current capacity.


AXI Model Motors Products Catalogue 2008 (English) AC070
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AXI RC Model R/C Brown Team Cap AC164
Code: AC164
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AXI Model Motors GREASE High Quality Grease for Gear Box AC230
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AXI Model Motors COOL3 AXI 41xx Motor Cooler AC234
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AXI Model Motors COOL1 AXI 2820 2826 Motor Cooler AC235
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AXI Model Motors COOL2 AXI 2208 2212 2217 Motor Cooler AC236
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